Plymouth Pavilions is operated by The Plymouth Pavilions Limited and South West Ticketing Solutions Limited, hereafter referenced as ‘Plymouth Pavilions’.

Pavilions Preferential memberships are issued by Plymouth Pavilions and are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale:

Your Pavilions Preferential membership includes:

· Complimentary tickets for use against shows and events at Plymouth Pavilions throughout your membership term (Platinum members: 20, Gold members: 16, Silver members: 8, Bronze members: 4 per show).

· Preferential access to purchase tickets for shows and events at Plymouth Pavilions ahead of the general public throughout your membership term (Platinum members: 20 per show, Gold members: 16 per show, Silver members: 8 per show, Bronze members: 4 per show).

· Advanced email notification of new shows.

· Dedicated members’ online booking facility. (Should members require ticket/s for wheelchair users these can be booked by phone only on 0333 772 7727 within show specific preferential ticket booking time frames, as specified in show notification emails).

· Waiver of all booking and postage fees.

· Show and event reminders.

· Access to Prefential members’ bar prior to the show and during intervals, where an interval order service will be available.

· Dedicated cloakroom.

· Your logo displayed on public facing venue plasma screen.

· Your Pavilions Preferential Membership Agreement must be signed by an authorised member of your group or organisation.

· Each membership will run for a term of 12 months.

· Your memberships may be upgraded at any point during the 12 month term, where a pro rata based fee will be applied. Memberships can not be reduced within the 12 month term.

· Memberships can not be refunded in full or part.

· The level of membership will determine the level of complimentary tickets available within the membership term.

· The level of membership will determine the number of tickets available to your for purchase prior to the general public.

· Whilst every effort will be made, Plymouth Pavilions are unable to guarantee availability of these tickets. As such, Plymouth Pavilions reserve the right to restrict ticket purchases, should Promoter restrictions be enforced.

· Where Plymouth Pavilions is not responsible for ticket sales, membership allocations will not apply. This also applies to ticket pre sales facilitated by third party ticket agencies.

· Membership allocations will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis, thus specific seating requests can not be facilitated.

· Membership benefits are limited to those detailed above.

· Membership benefits only apply to Pavilions Preferential ticket holders, and do not apply to tickets purchased by individuals, despite their affiliation to any group or organisation. This includes access to the members’ lounge.

· Special offers will be facilitated in line with Promoter stipulations and can not be retrospectively applied.

All tickets, purchased or complimentary, are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale, in addition to any special Conditions and/or those of the Promoter.

All tickets, purchased or complimentary, are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale, in addition to any special Conditions and/or those of the Promoter.

· Upon receipt of your completed Pavilions Preferential Membership Agreement an invoice will be raised, and will be subject to 30 days payment terms.

· Membership benefits apply from receipt of signed Pavilions Preferential Membership Agreement.

· Payment outside of these terms will render your membership void. All associated benefits and tickets will be withdrawn and charges as appropriate.

· All memberships are subject to VAT.

Plymouth Pavilions reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to terminate any agreement and cancel any bookings where we reasonably suspect them (i) to have been made fraudulently, (ii) to have been purchased for resale or are resold or (iii) where you are otherwise in breach of our standard T&C’s or special conditions.


· You will be notified of your pending membership expiry 2 months prior to the term end.

· Complimentary tickets must be used within each annual membership period and can not be rolled over.