All the technical information...

The Plymouth Pavilions' Technical Department can assist you in meeting all of your production requirements through the use of in-house equipment or by hiring in suitable gear from reputable and reliable sources.

From concept through to completion we can assist in all aspects of your event development.

General Equipment

Access Equipment
A number of pieces of access equipment are available to assist with the set ups for events. These include NiftyLift HR15NDE MEWP (2 person lift), 1.6ton lift forklift. All these items are available with qualified drivers.

Stage Masking, Drapes and Star Cloths
To create a "black box" on stage or to mask the sides of the arena we have assorted black wool serge masking (quantity and size available on request). Also available are Royal blue wool serge for arena masking that may be positioned, utilising our in-house trussing and motors, to divide the space into various configurations (details and previous designs available on request). To create hard masking we stock a number of flats in grey (10' high) or black (8' high). An additional charge is made for recovering if a different colour is required. In addition we stock a unique portable system which has been specifically designed to split the arena in two halves. The units of the system are 10' x 8' (11 units available) and are available with two sets of integral doors. This system is highly flexible and may be also used in many configurations.

Draping creates a sophisticated look in all venues and with a choice of draping styles including Starcloth Draping and Ceiling Draping we can completely transform the look and feel of the Arena with our high quality Draping options.

The standard Arena stage to be used in conjunction with largest possible floor space in the arena is 55' wide by 28' deep by 3' high. It is possible to extend the stage by adding extensions constructed of steel decking. The extensions are 4' deep and 64' wide, three such additional sections can be added to the front of the stage, thus making the maximum sized stage 3' high by 64' wide by 40' deep. Alternatively the Arena can be set in our smaller concert format with an extended stage. This is popular with smaller shows and with conference events such as Rotary conferences. The stage is built to 3' high by 64' wide by 32' deep. In total, 70 pieces of steel deck (8' x 4' pieces) are available. These are used to form stage extensions and to build other platforms/risers as required. The standard heights available are: 1', 2' and 3' - although others are possible.

A whole host of additional equipment can be provided for use on stage, from furniture to lecterns to orchestral equipment. Please discuss your requirements with our Events Team who will advise you. Plymouth Pavilions possess a model D Steinway & Sons Grand Piano and an Upright Piano (for rehearsal purposes), which can be hired for your event. We also work with a dedicated list of suppliers that can supply soft furnishings for back stage areas.

Sound Equipment
The Pavilions is able to provide sound systems from simple vocal PAs to a full concert setup. Full specifications are required in advance in order to provide the best sound setup to suit your needs.

Lighting Equipment
The Pavilions is able to provide a wide range of lighting facilities including lighting for conferences, concerts, banquets and fashion shows. Our dedicated technical staff are able to put together fantastic lighting shows and arrangements programmed to music and video. Please contact our onsite events team that can put together details of costs.

In the main Arena the floor loading is up to 7.5 tonne in restricted areas, please discuss your requirements with the Events Team for further information. There is one main goods access point, doors located stage left side of the main stage in the Arena that can adequately accommodate an articulated lorry when fully opened.  


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