Plymouth Pavilions is operated by The Plymouth Pavilions Limited and South West Ticketing Solutions Limited, hereafter referenced as ‘Plymouth Pavilions’.
In addition to our standard Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs), Priority upgrades are subject to the following Special Conditions:
Your Priority ticket can only be used if you are in possession of a standard performance/event ticket, this will be scanned to allow access to the Arena. If you are unable to produce a standard performance/event ticket we will be unable to admit you to the performance/event.
No part of the Priority upgrade is transferable, returnable or exchangeable.
No part of the Priority upgrade is refundable. Refunds will only be granted if a performance/event cancels or reschedules in accordance with our standard Ts&Cs.
No part of the Priority upgrade, including tickets, may be transferred for profit or commercial gain, re-sold, exchanged or given to a third party, offered as an incentive, giveaway or a prize in a competition or otherwise disposed of. Any attempt to do so will result in the Priority upgrade being withdrawn, and at our discretion, any ticket becoming void.
Plymouth Pavilions reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, to you, to terminate any agreement between us and cancel any bookings where we reasonably suspect:
(i)                   them to have been made fraudulently.
(ii)                 them to have been purchased for resale or are resold.
(iii)                that you are otherwise in breach of our standard Ts&Cs or Special Conditions. 
Plymouth Pavilions reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any part of any Priority upgrade at any time, whether or not a performance/event is cancelled or postponed. If we elect to cancel or withdraw any element of the upgrade we will contact you using the details provided when booking the Priority upgrade.
Where a performance/event does not have an interval, a second complimentary drink will be available to all Priority ticket holders ahead of their access to the Arena.
Priority upgrades are subject to availability at the time we process your order. Priority upgrade availability and any applicable offers (including the price) are subject to change at any time without notice. We will notify you of any changes prior to confirmation of your booking. You are advised to check all details carefully as, once your purchase has been notified to you, we are not able to exchange or refund your order unless the performance/event cancels or reschedules.
Priority upgrades comprise of all elements as set out in the advertisements.
Unless an item is specifically referred to as included within the Priority upgrade you should assume that it is not included in the Priority upgrade.  
Priority upgrades do not include access to any areas in addition to those set out in the advertisement. No backstage access is included and no meet and greet privileges are included.
Priority upgrades do not include early admission to the Arena, ahead of standard ticket holders.
No variation to these Ts&Cs or any agreement between us which you make, or purport to make, will be valid and effective unless it has been acknowledged and agreed in writing by us.